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Damages in Civil Litigation

If a person experiences a wrong, injury, or loss due to the actions of another, the injured person may file a civil lawsuit against the offending party. If the injured person proves his/her case, the court will award damages. Damages mean a monetary award to the injured person. This article discusses the various types of damages available in civil lawsuits.

Pro Bono Legal Services

Many people cannot afford to hire an attorney to help them with their legal problems. State and federal programs, such as Legal Aid and Legal Services, provide pro bono or free legal services. Bar associations, law schools, and non-profit groups also provide free or low-cost legal assistance to those who could not otherwise afford an attorney because they have limited financial means.

Professional Responsibility

After passing the bar examination, an attorney is admitted to the state bar and allowed to practice law in that state. An attorney takes an oath of office. After being admitted to the bar, an attorney’s conduct is regulated by the Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility. Every state has adopted some form of the Code, which sets minimum standards for an attorney’s actions. The Code consists of three parts: Canons, Ethical Considerations, and Disciplinary Rules.

Rules of Statutory Interpretation

If the interpretation of a particular law becomes an issue in a case, the court must rely on rules of statutory interpretation or construction in deciding the law’s meaning. This article discusses the main rules of statutory interpretation or construction.

State Appellate Courts

Most states have an intermediate level appellate court, which is generally called the court of appeals. State courts of appeals have a panel of judges who review the trial court’s decision. The number of judges on the panel varies. The court of appeals determines whether the trial judge followed proper procedure and correctly interpreted and applied the law to the facts of the case.